Vision and Mission


We want to transform the perception kids and rural teachers have of themselves, transforming their limitations into talent, their fears into confidence and their context deprivations into desire for improvement but giving them valuable new opportunities for learning. We provide these opportunities for change through effective and real educational projects that include; capacity building, technology, educational resources, community involvement and learning experiences outside school.


E.dúcate is a non-profit organization that seeks a society with equal learning opportunities for all. E.dúcate aims to support the development of human capital through research, design and implementation of educational projects and the integration of new learning methodologies. Our wish is to produce a change in people by means of education.


Our culture of works drives transmitting the joy for learning; the satisfaction of achieving what previously seemed to be impossible by working together in finding our strengths, identify weaknesses and/or problems and generate tools, strategies and human traction to overcome them.