Challenge and Goals




E.dúcate Uruguay, through its projects, is able to mobilize this unfair status quo, nurturing the schools with quality educational materials, technology and new teaching methodologies with workshops and online training, empowering the rural community by investing in it ́s younger generations development.


For the year 2017 we plan to strengthen the following ítems in our line of work along with the Educational Community. Next year we will seek to:

1- Expand the e.dúcate project to new regions of the country. GOAL ACHIEVED

2- Design strategies and resources that will increase reading and writing in at least 30 schools in rural areas. GOAL ACHIEVED

3- Put 2 New Mobile Libraries into full use, and reach 4000 new books to the Mobile Library Network. GOAL ACHIEVED

4- Develop technological solutions that support logistics and use of Mobile Libraries.

5- Generate partnerships with Universities as well as appropriate organizations to enhance the ability of evaluating the impact of everyday practices in the learning process of students. GOAL ACHIEVED

6-Generate links to enhance the perspective of young people in rural areas when they have abandoned school.