This is the spirit of E.dúcate: to analyze, think and imagine how things can change and work out for success.

We seek a society with equal opportunities for all. Opportunities to grow, to project ourselves and achieve all that each and every one of us is willing to attain.

Our wish is to produce a change in people by means of education.

A change in the perception people have of themselves, transforming their limitations into talent, their fears into confidence and desire for improvement, as well as the barriers of their environment into opportunity for learning.

We seek to provide the opportunity for change through effective and real educational projects.

Our work is aimed at transmitting the joy for learning, the satisfaction of achieving what previously seemed to be impossible.

We are focused on demonstrating all that we are capable of achieving through team work, as well as individually when each of us is committed to improve day by day.

We work to spread optimism and confidence.

We work to inspire.

We have already reached many children and youngsters from Ecuador and Uruguay with our programs

But now we are going for more . . . help us so we can help out.