Reading is a Journey

Scarce use of language at an early age tends to produce cognitive difficulties which in turn affect brain development in the individual. Learning to read is not only important as an ability itself, but also because its use conditions our future learning abilities. Our goal in Learning is a Journey is that the student finds a desire to read, so that genuine interest is then transferred in reading to learn: a relationship that goes beyond school.

In this context, access to books is essential although insufficient to establish reading habits that will endure in the long run. The reality is that the book itself is not intrinsically valued in school as a cultural object, either because of difficult access, lack of motivation and presence of books at home, and/or because the teacher does not know how to shape reading in a dynamic way or use it beyond the limits of the curricula.

Above anything else, the goal of this project is to create a positive bond with the book in order to put forth methodological strategies that will make students autonomous readers. Readers with the habit of reading in school and at home, who count on the book as a faithful companion in their learning process.


Overall Goal:

The development of adequate reading abilities that will provide joy in reading and learning from what is read. That each reader may multiply his/her own abilities while serving others as a pillar of their own progress, strengthening their knowledge as a learner.

Specific Goals:

  • Generate positive experiences linked to reading and articulating language
  • Drive the creation of new environments for learning in school and at home.
  • Promote new relationships in learning at home where families will acquire a greater understanding and participation in the learning process with their children.
  • Encourage new relationships of learning with other students.
  • Generate reading habits and competence.
  • Broaden the vocabulary by strengthening the ability of expression and relate other knowledge to what is already learned.
  • Generate strategies of autonomous learning (learning to learn).

Components of the Project:

  1. Training for teachers: 20 hours of training in practical and theoretical workshops with personal presence, + 20 hours of training online. Guidance in the design process is also performed, as well as the putting into practice of specific plans of action in each school.
  2. Training for parents: 8 hours of training in practical workshops with personal presence.
  3. Experience of professional exchange with other schools and professionals related to didactic reading, both Uruguayan and foreign.
  4. Resources:
  • Trip Suitcase: one box for each school with 10 didactic strategies that help the implementation of good practices for the affectionate relationship of students and reading.
  • Reading Diary: one diary for each student which motivates the habit of reading and generates new bonds between school and family.
  • Level Books: 40 books for a fixed library at each school, classified by the reading level so as to generate autonomy in the selection of books according to the level of each student.
  • Mobile Library: access to 200 books which compose the Mobile Library Network for each zone.
  • Orange Book and Learning Progress: each teacher receives a theoretical framework for reference of successful experiences in Canada, Australia and New Zealand in order to enhance the efficiency of his/her practices in class.
  1. Impact Evaluation.
2017 DURAZNO 193 CHILDREN – 14 SCH – 15 TEACHERS Platform Foundation / UAF 14 Kits Reading is a Journey: 14 Trip Suitcase + 193 Reading Diary + 210 Level Books + 15 fascicle 1 y 2
2017 FLORIDA 123 CHILDREN – 11 SCH – 15 TEACHERS Platform Foundation / UAF 11 Kits Reading is a Journey: 11 Trip Suitcase + 123 Reading Diary + 165 Level Books + 15 fascicle 1 y 2
2017 SORIANO 219 CHILDREN – 12 SCH – 19 TEACHERS REACHING U / Bunge Uruguay 12 Kits Reading is a Journey: 12 Trip Suitcase + 219 Reading Diary + 165 Level Books + 19 fascicle 1 y 2
2017 SALTO 273 CHILDREN – 10 SCH – 22 TEACHERS USMEM 10 Kits Reading is a Journey: 10 Trip Suitcase + 273 Reading Diary + 165 Level Books + 22 fascicle 1 y 2